Salt Spring Kombucha - Cherry Ginger


On a 5 acre, sun-drenched farm on Salt Spring Island, Lea Weir and her family blend a unique fermented brew that is crafted in small batches using mountain spring water and organic teas, including immune boosting Yerba Mate, an antioxidant powerhouse. 

Kombucha contains high concentrations of beneficial probiotics and enzymes which aid digestion aside from other numerous health benefits. This particular batch also features healing herbs of ginger and elderflower. These herbal elixirs are healthy, and boost immunity, aid digestion, and improve mood and energy.  

The kombucha is 100% raw and organic, fair-traded whenever possible.  

NOTE: WAWWE bottles this fresh in our own reusable containers, so that you can return them to us and have ZERO food packaging waste! Not packaged as shown in photo.