WAWWE Meal Service


Delicious fully prepared plant-based meals delivered to your doorstep daily with zero single use packaging. As much as possible, we use local farm produce. All meals are prepared in the kitchen of local talent Haidee Hart.

How it works
Wooden crates are delivered to your doorstep brimming with food in mason jars on Sunday and Tuesday afternoons. The following delivery day your jars are collected to be washed and refilled with another day’s yummy food. Skip a week or suspend your meal service if needed, or better yet, give food to a friend, or a family in need.

Delivery 1
Sunday - Dinner
Monday - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Tuesday - Breakfast and Lunch

Delivery 2
Tuesday - Dinner
Wednesday - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Thursday - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

If you would like to leave a tip automatically with your orders, you can do that here