Fresh Corn Tortillas (12pk)


Hand pressed from Dos Amores Tortilleria right here on Saltspring Island. These are the Mexican real deal - made fresh with 100% organic yellow corn - soft, warm and delicious melt in your mouth flavour. 

Each pack contains one dozen tortillas approx. 4.5" round.

To serve:
Gently heat in a non-stick pan (approx. 30 seconds each side on medium/high heat)
Keep warm by wrapping them in a towel until you are ready to serve

Chef's tip: if your tortillas feel like they are getting dry after storing them in the fridge for a week, you can spritz water on them in the pan to rehydrate!

Ingredients: organic yellow corn, water
*Product may come into contact with organic sunflower oil

Keep refrigerated, stays fresh for 7+ days, freezes perfectly