Full Moon Rose Chai (1L)


Made right here on Saltspring- nestled into the side of Mt. Tuam, by Johanna Peters.
Inspired by Indian Masala Chai recipes, Full Moon Rose Chai is an infusion of organic spices and your choice of organic black or rooibos tea. Fresh ginger, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, fennel, star anise, turmeric and rose petals are boiled together to create a rich and warming spice blend before the tea is added.

Each 1L jar contains 4-6 servings. Keep refrigerated and consume within one week. 

Instructions: Mix the tea blend with a milk of your choice (about ½ tea blend, ½ milk or ⅔ tea blend and ⅓ milk depending on preference) and warm on the stove adding sweetener as desired.